"Diversifying Analytic Theology" Prize Winner


We are delighted to announce the winner of our prize “Diversifying Analytic Theology,” sponsored by the APA’s Diversity and Inclusiveness fund and organized by the editors of the Journal of Analytic Theology. The aim of this prize competition was to encourage more diverse approaches in analytic theology, specifically by focusing on feminist analytic theology. The submissions underwent a rigorous review process by a board of three anonymous reviewers with specialization in feminist philosophy of religion or theology. 

The winner is Amber Leigh Griffioen, University of Konstanz, for her paper “Nowhere Men and Divine I’s: Feminist Epistemology, Perfect Being Theism, and the God’s-Eye View.” We congratulate Dr. Griffioen for winning this prize, and look forward to seeing this paper in print in the next issue of the Journal of Analytic Theology