Volume 10 is Live


We are excited to announce the publication of Volume 10 of the Journal of Analytic Theology. This volume begins with papers from our special issue on Jewish Analytic Theology, guest edited by Samuel Lebens (University of Haifa) and Aaron Segal (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). In their words,

“Our hope was to cultivate discussion that would start within a specific religious tradition - since worship itself is rarely (if ever) conducted outside of such a thick cultural and historical context - in the hope that this discussion would enrich our understanding across different religious traditions; and that an inter-faith element should be present from the beginning.”

Volume 10 continues with a wide range of articles at the intersection of analytic philosophy and theology, along with thoughtful reviews of recent books of relevance to analytic theology.


Note: We will be adding one more article to Volume 10 in the coming months:

  • "For as much as these people draw near: Wrong acts of worship in Nevi'im" (Stephanie Nordby)